More things to see in Baja

For those who have chosen to rent a home in Rosarito or Playas, and are now living in Baja, there are a lot of things to see. We already mentioned Popotla and Valle de Guadalupe. But here are some other sights to see.


la mision1.- La playa de “la Mission”. Although there are a lot of beaches in Baja, this is one area that is very special. It is located about halfway between Rosarito and Ensenada. First, the beach itself is breathtaking. You come down from a higher elevation to the beach, so there are beautiful hills all along one side. The beach is very wide and long. There is a large parking area along the highway itself, where there are also many concession stands where you can buy food. Along the beach are many thatched “Palapas” that you can use to be in the shade. And there are horses to rent, as well as ATV’s available. Just above the beach are several very nice restaurants, like “La Fonda”, and “Poco Cielo”. This is a great place to go to spend the day and relax.


bufadora2.- “La Bufadora” is located about 10 miles south of Ensenada, along the cliffs that press against the ocean. This is a local tourist attraction, where hundreds of people visit every weekend. There is beautiful scenery, and a lot of interesting shops and stands to buy souvenirs. The main attraction is a phenomenon caused by underwater ocean caverns next to the cliffs. When the tide surges in, pressure builds up in the cavern, and water is forced up through an opening like a geyser. Every few minutes, an eruption of water shoots high into the air, similar to a whale spout. It is very interesting to watch, and the beauty of the area is amazing.