Jump in Ensenada’s new Ocean Aquarium

Baja has always been known for it’s great weather, comfortable lifestyle, amazing cuisine and fun ecotourism activities. A while ago, we told you about the Underwater Park in Rosarito, which debuted late 2015. It was a great attraction for both tourist and locals where they had a chance to dive inside a sunken Mexican Navy battleship, the Uribe 21. Although this was a fun experience that brought many people to Baja, the reality is that not everyone is into deep sea diving. If this is you, you’ll be happy to know that a new attraction has opened in Ensenada, Baja California.

Ensenada’s Ocean Aquarium

You’ve probably been to many aquariums over your lifetime, but this one is as unique and genuine as they come. Unlike other aquariums that use artificial installations and tanks, Ensenada’s Ocean Aquarium is actually in the ocean! South west of Ensenada’s shore there is a floating platform surrounded by a 40m diameter pen where you’ll be able to feed, swim and snorkel with bluefin tuna, king crab, yellowtail amberjack, mackerel, monterey sardine and several other fish species.




Underwater Viewing Area

Inside the floating platform there is an underwater viewing area where you can rest and relax while you see all the fish inside the pen. In there you can also learn many interesting facts about marine life.



Ocean Pool

In the center of the floating platform there is an ocean water pool that is only 1.4 meters deep. Perfect for children and adults that want a more confortable space. In the pool you’ll find small fish and other native species of the area.




Did you know that Ensenada currently has the world’s largest Bluefin tuna farm, which exports mainly to Japan, USA, Korea and China? For that reason, one of the main goals of this project is to promote research related to the breeding and feeding of Bluefin tuna and other marine species. For that reason, the Ocean Aquarium is working in collaboration with one of the most important scientific research centers in Ensenada – CICESE (Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y Estudios Superiores de Ensenada), as well as with other educational institutions.

The entire experience lasts about 3.5 hours. For your enjoyment, your admission includes fish bait, wetsuite, googles, snorkel, dressings rooms, showers and travel by boat to and from the platform. We could tell you more about this amazing ecotourism exhibit in Mexico, but the best way for you to know more about it is to live it. Head over to http://acuariooceanico.mx/en/ for more information and to get your tickets.

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