Moving to a new area, especially to a new country, is a challenge, when you don’t know where to go to find things you need, or places of interest to visit. This page is dedicated to give you an overview of the Baja area, and a list of resources that may be of help.

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About Rosarito

Rosarito is a beach town about 10 miles south of the US border. It is quite a bit larger than Playas, and has more amenities. It is also a major tourist area, and has many more restaurants and activities. There is a nice mall, with a Walmart, Cinepolis, Home Depot, and Applebees. There are several gated communities along the beach, condominium complexes, a nice municipal recreation center, many hotels, and a lot of organized community events. There is even a theater guild that puts on dramatic productions on a regular basis. This is an ideal area for those who are thinking of retiring in Mexico, with a lot of very nice communities with a good sized population of retired American residents.

Here are a few of the great area restaurants and places of interest:

1.- “Applebee’s
2.- “El Nido” – A great steakhouse with a unique indoor garden eating area with water features.
3.- “Los Pelicanos”, a rustic, quaint hotel on the beach, with a great restaurant that looks out over the beach. A great place for breakfast.
4.- “Tapanco Steak House” – Another great steakhouse, has a nice garden café next door, and everything, including the hand-made tortillas, are cooked over a wood grill.
5.- “Betuccini’s” A really great Italian restaurant with brick oven pizzas.
6.- “Susanna’s” Sophisticated, and refined California cuisine. A great place to eat.
7.- “Rosarito Beach Hotel”, Not just a great place to visit, but has a great restaurant, and hosts a lot of community events.

About Ensenada

Although Ensenada is much further away from the border, there are a lot of Americans who choose to live here. It is a much larger community, over twice the size of Rosarito. It is a Port city, where small boats can dock, as well as ocean cruise ships that come in weekly to let the voyagers come in to get a taste of Baja California. Between Rosarito and Ensenada, there are a lot of nice places to visit, and a lot of great ocean views. On favorite destination are the famous wineries of the “Valle de Guadelupe”, where you can taste the wonderful and diverse artesian wines of the region.

Below are some helpful links and information on services available:

Mexican Auto Insurance
Mexican Home Insurance

English Church Services:

  1. Hope Chapel –
  2. Calvary Chapel Rosarito –

Immigration Work, Bill Paying Services and Mexican Insurance:

  1. Jorge Cuadros & Associates –

Auto, Home and Health Insurance:

  1. My Baja Insurance –

Great English Speaking Dental Clinics:

  1. Sam Dental Tijuana –
  2. Implant Art Center –

Eye Care and Vision Correction:

  1. Codet Vision –

Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss Surgery:

  1. Tijuana Cosmetic Weight Loss –

Best Hospital:

  1. Hospital Angeles –

Best Places to Eat:

  1. Casa de Don Juan – Map
  2. El Yogurt Place – Map
  3. Tapanco – Map
  4. Los Pelicanos –
  5. El Nido –
  6. Susannas –
  7. Charly’s Restaurant –

English Speaking Churches:

  1. Hope Chapel Rosarito – MapWebsite
  2. Calvary Chapel Rosarito
  3. East Lake Church, Playas


  1. Rosarito Theater Guild –

English News Paper:

  1. Baja Times –
  2. Rosarito Town Crier –

Sam Dental Tijuana

El Nido Restaurant

Medac Plastic Surgery

Hope Chapel

Driving Directions to Cross the Border to US: