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Mexico is a country full of culture, spaces invaded by nature, modern architecture, and areas that seem to have been frozen in time. It is a territory where you can find the most beautiful beaches in the world. Where you can find adventure and tranquility and where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes that are accompanied by the song of nature. Spite of this, few places can captivate tourists, but without a doubt, something that always draws their attention is the coastal area of Baja California.

The peninsula of Baja California is a territorial space of the country that has an approximate length of 1250 km. Located in the northwest of Mexico, the landscapes offered by this part of the Mexican territory are unparalleled, so anyone who has the opportunity to visit this area falls in love. The wide variety of activities and cuisine found within the state is one of the most varied in the country. Still, if you want to live to the fullest what Baja California has to offer, the best option is Rosarito.

Located approximately 22 km from the great border city of Tijuana, you can find Rosarito. A small municipality belonging to Playas de Rosarito that, thanks to its proximity to the border between Mexico and the United States, has gained much popularity in recent decades. This municipality, which is located in the state of Baja California, is one of the favorite places for Americans, mainly because it offers many cultural and sporting events. It is also a space that is very close to the sea, so the atmosphere is peaceful. So regularly, foreigners and those who live in Mexico are looking for a house for rent in Rosarito to live the experience of belonging to this place.

At Baja Rosarito Realty, we offer you the best homes for rent in Rosarito, and our devotion and years of experience back us up as an agency of professionals dedicated to providing quality spaces to those interested. We know the municipality of Rosarito, and we know which places can be the right ones for our customers. Therefore, we have a wide variety of houses within the area, so that people have the opportunity to rent the perfect place for them. 

In Baja Rosarito Realty, we want our clients to feel part of the community of this beautiful municipality. That’s why we are committed to advising them so they can find a house for rent in Rosarito that fits the needs and desires they want to satisfy.

Just as it is a space that offers tranquility, many tourists also want to enjoy one of the most important seasons for young Americans: Spring Break. This is the season when many foreigners are looking for a house for rent in Rosarito to experience in order to enjoy the season.

The city offers many activities such as extreme sports, surfing, ATV riding on dunes, fishing, and cultural events. Here takes place the bicycle competition, which is the third-longest; this competition is done twice a year. Here you can find a little piece of Hollywood where national and international films were made, home of Fox Studios Baja, where Titanic and some scenes of other movies were filmed

Rosarito stood out as a tourist area where many experiences related to casinos were offered. Nowadays, these structures, which characterized the golden age, have become significant tourist attractions. So Rosarito is in a balance between old structures with a touch of modernity. 

The structures, built in the 1950s, have prevailed over the years, making it a beautiful space for people, which is why many foreigners are looking for a house for rent in Rosarito because an area that has these characteristics is the meaning of a quiet place, That is why it is one of the favorite sites for American seniors and retirees. While many people are looking to cross the border, Americans are looking for a house for rent in Rosarito to retire from their activities and enjoy the beautiful sunsets that can be witnessed in this municipality.

Thanks to its proximity to the United States, it is an ideal area for those who constantly have to cross the border, but wish to settle in an area where life is not so chaotic. In Rosarito, you can find spaces where culture and sports are promoted, companies of international importance, restaurants with the highest quality of dishes, different sports events, and many activities for both young people and adults. That’s why Rosarito is a perfect place to live.

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