Gated Communities in Rosarito

People moving to Mexico are often concerned about living in a safe and secure community. Although there is much less “violence” in Tijuana, than in say, Los Angeles, or Oakland, and even less problems in smaller communities like Rosarito, nevertheless, one needs to be vigelent concerning theft. In a gated community, there is restricted access from outsiders, and the paid guards keep a close eye on your home. There are several very nice gated communities near Rosarito, where you can find a house for sale, a home for rent, or even a building lot for sale. Here are a few gated communities near Rosarito that we recommend:

real del mar1.- “Real del Mar” is located about halfway between Playas and Rosarito. This is one of the nicest and most secure communities in the area. There is a great golf course, and a very nice club house with a swimming pool. Also, a 4 star hotel is part of the complex, along with restaurants, and a convenience store. The residential area is very secure, with a very professional security staff. The homes and lots all have a wonderful ocean view.





san antonio del mar2.- San Antonio del Mar” is located a couple of miles south of Real del Mar, between Playas and Rosarito. This is nice gated community, right on the Ocean. There is a nice park at the entrance, several very good restaurants, and a nearby convenience store. Baja Rosarito Realty is just across the bridge. There are two entrances, and both have security guards that all cars must check in with. A nice club house is available for the residents with tennis courts, pool, and access to the beach.




3.- “San Marino” is just a mile south of San Antonio, but on the opposite side of the highway. Here there are many lots and houses for sale, plus several smaller gated neighborhoods. There are nice paved streets, and it is actually a pretty large development. It is convenient to go on into town to shop, as it is just a few miles north of Rosarito.


rancho del mar4.- “Rancho del Mar” in just to the north of Rosarito, near the new Convention Center. You would take the bridge that leads to the Convention Center, and continue up the road, which ends by the gate and security guard. All the lots are laid out so that every home built in the community is guaranteed an Ocean view. There are very nice, wide streets, and all the houses built here are custom homes.