Things to See in Baja

One of the best things about living in Baja, from Playas to Rosarito, to Ensenada, is there are miles and miles of beaches, and ocean views. This makes for great places to visit, restaurants with spectacular views, and many interesting activities. Also, Rosarito’s municipality, and other organizations, are constantly coming up with Art Fairs, Concerts, Theatrical productions, all activities to draw in the tourists, but things that are very interesting for us “locals” living in Baja California. Many times you will see announcements in the publications for the “Expatriates”, to know what events are coming up. Look at the websites of or the to find calendars of events.

Besides the planned events, here are some other places of interest:

valle de guadalupe1.- Wine Country – the Valle de Guadalupe. Many people don’t realize, but 90% of the wine produced in the country of Mexico, is produce just a short way from Rosarito, near Ensenada. The Valle of Guadalupe is a famous wine producing area, that has started drawing tourists from all over the world. There are dozens of large wineries, like L.A. Cetto, which not only produce wine, but give tours of the facilities, as well as wine tastings. There is a very nice museum on the main highway, showing the development of the wine industry in the area. There are many fantastic restaurants as well. This is a great place to make a day trip, and a place to return to many times. Here are some links to give you more information: The Wine Enthusiast, Mexico’s Exciting New Wine Trail.


popotla2.- Popotla Fish market and restaurants: This is a place more frequented by the locals, rather than tourists, because it is very rustic, and not very fancy. However, if you want to get extremely fresh seafood, this is the place to go. It is located on the “Free Road”, south of Rosarito, and just past Baja Studios. This is actually a fishing village, where the fishermen live, and supply the local restaurants. The food in the restaurants is great, but even more interesting is to walk n the local market and buy fish that was just caught that morning. If you like crab, you can buy gigantic “Martian Crabs”, that are wonderful.